It’s hard to stand out in this era of intense musical saturation; and while it’s easier said than done, and trust me I know that, I always say the best way to make your mark in any genre is just to make great music. I’d never heard of Fairlane before, but you can be sure I’m going to be paying more attention now that I’ve heard “Wildfire” with Nevve.

“Wildfire” hits that sweet spot between singer/songwriter and electronic with dulcet notes from Nevve and delightful guitar plucks mixed with synth notes. It’s emotive and powerful while still holding back at times, and going full throttle others. It’s a musical journey that is not repetitive or monotonous in any way, but instead builds upon itself and brings about climaxes and conclusions like a true story.

This is a wonderful piece of art, let alone music, and I’m so happy that I was able to come across it. Check it out now via Lowly Palace and grab your free download if you dig it as much as I do!