The mau5trap crew is throwing a day party this Sunday, September 9 in Hollywood! Label favorites ATTLAS, No Mana, Monstergetdown and more will be taking over Day Trip on the patio at Academy LA. At the show, fans will hear cuts from Anakim’s forthcoming label debut, Heightened Sensitivity. The two-track EP is already generating lot of buzz as the upcoming LA producer has a knack for blending dark techno with more brooding progressive house styles. Here’s what Anakim had to say about Heightened Sensitivity.

“The concept of this EP has to do with spiritual awakening. A major stage in spiritual awakening is a stage of ‘heightened sensitivity’ where one may feel a bit more in tune with nature, see a oneness in all things. You may also get quite emotional on hearing beautiful music or looking at a wonderful sunset. You may also start to see auras and orbs or hear sounds that others cannot hear. The title track was my depiction of this concept. Ascension, the extremely hard-hitting B-side is actually my favorite track on the EP. Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness.”

Get your tickets to maut5trap x Day Trip this Sunday, September 9 at Academy LA here! Summer’s almost over, send it out with a bang at one of L.A.’s hottest day parties. Hmm, I wonder who the secret special guest could be?

Check out a preview of Heightened Sensitivity below. Full EP out on September 14 via mau5trap.