Are you ready to feel old? One of Kanye West‘s greatest releases to date, Late Registration, just tuned thirteen years old.

The College Dropout was a really tough album to follow up, but Kanye West has proven time and time again he’s fully capable of outdoing himself. Late Registration debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s coveted 200 chart and birthed a new era of hits including “Gold Digger,” “Heard ‘Em Say,” “Touch The Sky,” and more.

Flash-forward to now and Kanye is still on top of his game. Most recently, he has been making waves with his seven-track solo release,¬†ye, and collaborative Kids See Ghosts¬†project and EP with Kid Cudi — both of which dropped in early June of this year.

We love the “new” Kanye, but it’s great taking a trip down memory lane with the “old” Kanye. Listen here and revel in the reminiscent sounds of Late Registration!

Kanye West – Late Registration