Following his “Pouring Rain” single featuring Vic Mensa in late July, Emmit Fenn is back with his second single from his ‘The Grey Area’ hip hop inspired project. Emmit teamed up with Drew Love (from THEY.) who has had a big year collaborating with the likes of G-Eazy and The Chainsmokers.

“Without You” is a devilishly slow song, plugging along with the help of delicately placed piano chords and echoing hums from both Drew and Emmit.

I feel like it’s a song that rings true to anyone who is going through the roughest part or tail end of a relationship, when you’re just fed up and really don’t have love for the person anymore. It was a very organic record and I’m honored to be a part of it.” – Drew Love

Emmit’s anticipated ‘The Grey Area’ project is scheduled for October with confirmed features of Vic Mensa, Drew Love, Sylvan Lacue, Mick Jenkins, IshDARR are more. The project consists of unique beats produced by Emmit and his silky vocals on the hook while other artists tell their stories on the verses.

Listen to “Without You” below.