Petey Mac and Yabé are about to shake up the underground with their brand new, slow burning, tech house track, “Every Other Night.” So, it’s time to get in on a couple of Music City’s best kept secrets.

Nashville might not be the first thing you think of when you hear house or techno — but the city is growing at a rapid rate and with that, an appreciation for dance music. Two artists contributing to the scene are Petey Mac and Yabé, which come together for the first time right before our very ears with this exciting and tasteful collaboration.

Tech house lovers will instantly get down to the fine-tuned groove of “Every Other Night,” but there are plenty of moments ahead that will make any causal listener a believer in their work. For example, about 2:50 in, when a subtle build sneaks up in the mix and drops suddenly into a low key danger zone. Petey Mac and Yabé will continue to keep you guessing all the way through.

For the next seven minutes, just let the music take over. You can thank us later.

Petey Mac & Yabé – Every Other Night

Out now via Altru Creative

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