Samsung‘s foldable smartphone is one of the most highly-anticipated handheld devices in recent memory. And now, thanks to a new report, we finally have a confirmation and prospective timeline.

CEO of Samsung’s mobile division DJ Koh just revealed to CNBC that Samsung will release a foldable smartphone this year — with a potential unveiling as soon as November. He hints that an official announce could come during the Samsung Developers Conference, which takes place in San Francisco that month.

Speaking on the new foldable device, Koh said it’s “time to deliver.” What bloggers and tech enthusiasts have been calling the ‘Galaxy X’ or the more fittingly the ‘Galaxy F’ will most definitely be available in the foreseeable future.

Although we still don’t know specifics on a full launch or when the device might go on sale — we do know that Samsung knows there is a market for these foldable devices. The hype is real.

Watch the video below for even more on this mind-bending smartphone.

Everything We Know About Samsung’s Foldable Phone


Source: CNBC