Snap is trying everything it can to make Spectacles happen…

Back for another round, the parent company of Snapchat is introducing Nico and Veronica. No, those are the names of the people in the photos. Well, maybe — but they are definitely the styles of the social media integrated shades they’re wearing.

These new frames are the latest Spectacles 2 designs, but look more like traditional sunglasses than either of the previous models. Not only are they pretty snazzy, Nico and Veronica pack in all the same functions of the original Spectacles 2, but with polarized black lenses and matching black frames. A black protective case is included for a grand total of $200.

The traditional Spectacles 2 first introduced the ability to take photos instead of just hands-free videos. Plus, water resistance to make the sunglasses more practical than the first generation. They are still available for $150 — but the $50 upgrade will get you on that Nico or Veronica level.

Spectacles 2 are available online today in initial limited quantities. Shop here.

Meet Nico and Veronica