Dillon Francis took a leap of faith in remixing Martin Solveig‘s “My Love” — he appreciated the track so much that he just knew he would nail it. And, that he did.

The original fine-tuned dance ballad sounds untouchable, but Dillon Francis puts just enough party in the mix to give it new life. With some EDM flair, “My Love” becomes a silky, rhythmic masterpiece in its own right. It’s our latest obsession — and as it turns out, Martin Solveig is crazy about it, too.

“‘My Love’ is a special song for me,” Solveig opens up in an emailed statement to Billboard. “Dillon and I have been friends for five years, and it’s always more comfortable to ask a friend to take care of something you care about. What he did with the song is unbelievable. I think it’s the definition of a top remix.”

Solveig says he likes the song just as much as the original. When a producer admits something like that, you know it has to be good. Dillon is ecstatic about the stamp of approval.

“I love Martin to death,” Francis tells Billboard. “…and I fucking loved the original, so this remix was a piece of cake for me. I’m extremely happy with the finished product, but most of all, I’m extremely happy with how happy Martin is with what I did to the song.”

This remix, bursting with happy feels and sheer love, will immediately make your day better. Just listen!

My Love – Dillon Francis


Photo via Rukes.com