Odesza just hit us with an official version of track they’ve been playing out live for years! The duo’s most loyal followers couldn’t be happier, because this one has been a long, long time coming.

Before now, the only way to hear this gem was to see an Odesza show. Toward the end of any given set, there’s a moment where Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight go as hard as possible and leave it all on the stage. It’s usually when “Loyal,” or some working version of it until this point, comes on and totally blasts the crowd with deep horns and all the feels at once.

Odesza has worked this track to utter perfection over the years. “Loyal” builds up to its epic drop through deep tribal roots, with enticing chants and the duo’s signature drumline sounds in the mix. Now, that we have the finished result, it was well worth the wait.

This is Odesza at their most fierce. Enjoy.

P.S. It’s hard to believe that A Moment Apart came out almost a year ago! Listen all over again here.

Odesza – Loyal

‘Loyal’ Out Now: odesza.co/loyal