Nearly two weeks ago, Bro Safari and UFO! unveiled Part 1 of their Clockwork album with “N.U.M.B,” “Inaccessible,” and “Break The Curse.” Tomorrow, they’re back with Part 2, featuring “ET Finger” and “WAMF.” For those of you inpatient to hear Part 2, you’re in luck – we’ve got the premiere of “WAMF” here today.

Put simply, “WAMF” is one of the fiercest trap tunes we’ve heard in a hot minute, with wildly distorted synths and a pounding rhythm that pushes the song along with intense determination. It switches up about halfway through into a similarly vicious, but differently tempoed, trap drop that takes on more of an orchestral and melodic signature.

Check out “WAMF” and “ET Finger” when they officially drop tomorrow, but get a taste below right now.