Though not yet at the numbers pushed by “Emily” or “Out of Love,” Two Friends’ newest song “Bandaid” has become a major hit for the duo as the continue to soldier on through tours and new music. Today, they’ve shared a new remix of the hit from Bad Color that takes the pop hit and adds just a bit more EDM flavor to it.

The original is pretty slow for most of the song, playing out more like a ballad than a song to get down to on the dance floor. There are also relatively few elements going into the song, which helps to keep it from being over-encumbered. In contrast, Bad Color picks the tempo up a little bit and introduces some flourish in the drop in the form of more synths and a cute little arpeggio.

Ironically, the Bad Color remix sounds a lot like how we would have imagined “Bandaid” to sound if Two Friends had produced it last year.

Check it out below!