From Michigan-based record label Eclectic Imprint comes the first of many in a new compilation series. Packed with experimental beats from fresh and familiar names in the bass scene, this six-pack release has something everyone can get down to.

(one) marks the beginning of a new chapter. The leading release in the label’s new compilation album series features music from plenty of heavy-hitters and up-and-comers: HMU, Equator Club, Holly, Plain Sight, Mozaic, Super Future and Oski.

HMU impresses with a unique convergence of bass heavy styles, Plain Sight jolts every inch of our being through his untamed style, and Super Future drives us straight into a synth-filled, dreamlike state. And, that’s only the half of it.

Eclectic Imprint has already proven itself as a SoundCloud tastemaker, putting out mixes left and right and racking up tons of organic plays on the daily. The label’s first single “Did You” by Holly and Subject 31 immediately turned heads and (one) is the next sure sign we’ll be hearing plenty more from this independent music source.

The variety here is unmatchable, and Eclectic Imprint is only just getting started! Listen and link up below!

Eclectic Imprint presents: (one)

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