Equipped with only her flawless voice and consistently indulging herself in the radio pop genre, Los Angeles local KIIRA blesses us with her luscious and anticipated new single “Worry.” Nightblue Music, Aux London, and Mr Revillz are just some of the dance music curators that have supported this artist on her journey already. ‘Worry’ embraces its electronic roots with well written lyrics and a catchy vocal melody by KIIRA, further showcasing what she is capable of having previously worked with the likes of Naomi Wild, vocalist of Odesza.

Elegant plucks and arps surround KIIRA’s fantastically toned voice on this deep pop gem. With a soft and melodic appeal, the song is packed with potential for the dance pop audience. Absolutely smashing her performance on every song she releases, we should expect nothing less from her in the future.

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