Every day, more and more talented producers continue to appear in a constant struggle to make their mark on the world. With so many vying for a limited number of slots on festivals and in clubs each year, it’s important to produce wisely and with intent.

I’ve sat in on a studio session or two with Edison Cole, and I can safely say that his intent is stronger than most. His new song out today, “Need You Now,” exemplifies this work ethic brilliantly. Cole showed me a demo of the track, and after giving him some feedback, he came back with this final version that represents stadium future bass like the best of them.

The massive, swelling chords in the drop are perfectly suited for festival stages, pushing a huge sound and wild melody with soaring vocals that would make anyone raise their arms in anticipation. Between the breakbeat drums and the juxtaposition of soft, serene with bombastic and suspenseful, Cole nails every note with precision and accuracy.

It’s easy to picture any crowd swinging their arms in time with the drops and swells, dancing to the rhythm while their favorite song erupts through the speakers. Listen to Edison Cole’s “Need You Now” below.