As Dutch composer Joep Beving played through the Mayan Warrior at Burning Man, 300 drones took to the night sky in a brilliant, beautiful tribute to Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey. Harvey passed away in April of this year.

In the video below, watch toward the bottom near the crowd when the whooping starts to see a swarm of 300 Intel® Shooting Star™ drones rise into the sky and one by one… disappear.

Soon enough, they illuminate once again in a stunning display of choreography and technology. Watch as they dance around and create incredible patterns in the night sky, with varying degrees of luminosity and intensity in the drones’ on-board LEDs.

Though we can only see them from one angle in the video, it’s enough of a spectacle to believe that the Playa fell still for the duration and looked up into the sky in awe.

These are the same drones that made an appearance during Odesza’s performance at Coachella this year

Video by @peterruprecht