The pressure has been on for Skrillex all year to release new music. It’s nothing new – his fanbase is generally voracious for any kind of new content, though we really can’t blame them. As one of the most prolific and talented producers in music these days, it’s been somewhat disheartening if not understandable to see him put so much effort into producing for others and leaving his OG fans in the cold.

But faith persists and millions have kept the belief that he’s been producing more for himself and his fans behind the scenes, and there’s been a lot to point to new music being released soon. Most recently, both Ekali and LA events company Brownies & Lemonade have hinted at new music coming soon.

Ekali, in response to Rezz, confirmed that he’s heard new music and says “it’s very fucking good.”

B&L on their own tweeted, “if u think new music from skrillex is coming soon.. ur absolutely right and it’s gonna change the game [sic].”

We don’t know what this music sounds like, but we can be pretty confident from the testimonies of those who have heard it that we’re in for a treat.