Okay, so, the reason for this mixtape 100% was not for your Lost Lands recovery, but seeing as I just experienced 72 straight hours of bass music, I’m gonna be selfish and call this one for me. Jenaux just dropped his Funk Tape ’18 with 17 songs, 15 of which are unreleased originals and special edits – none of which are dubstep.

My brain and body are still recovering from the past weekend, so this mix is quite literally a godsend. With tons of edits of your favorite tracks like “Ain’t No Sunshine” as well as fresh originals, this is your key to recovery.

“I kept waiting endlessly for these to come out individually,” says Jenaux. “I’ve been held up by so many outside circumstances, it sucked. Most important thing to me though was to continue believing, surround myself with people that supported and helped piece together my vision. It’s finally coming together. I wanted to share just a little bit of what I’ve been working on with the world. Hope you guys funk to it as much as I loved making it.”

Check out Funk Tape ’18 below.

Funk Tape ’18 Tracklist:
1. Funk in Paris (Mix Version)
2. Soultrak (Mix Version)
3. Hands Up (Raise Your Fist) (Jenaux Remix) (Mix Version) – The Funk Hunters & Leo Napier
4. Midnight (Mix Version)
5. Ain’t No Sunshine (Mix Version)
6. Blues (Mix Version)
7. Let You Go (Mix Version)
8. Love & Devotion (Mix Version) – Jenaux (feat. Kelli-Leigh)
9. My Friend (Mix Version)
10. My Love is a River (Mix Version)
11. Get It On (Mix Version) – Jenaux & Trinidad James
12. Crash (Jenaux Remix) (Mix Version) – Jenaux & Usher
13. Shame (Mix Version)
14. I Want Your Love (Mix Version)
15. Way Too Far (Mix Version)
16. Funk’d (Mix Version)
17. Dreaming (Mix Version)