One of the best parts of my job is discovering new music, not only to the world but to myself as well. Now that LA90 have sent me new music from Maynix, I’m absolutely set on hearing so much more. The producer is putting out a new double side EP on the label today, “Hatch/Acid Rocker,” and both tunes are mind melting forays into bass you won’t regret checking out.

The first track “Hatch” is a throwback to the darker days of dubstep, spanning over four minute of dastardly maniacal rhythms and wobbles.

The second “Acid Rocker” blends dubstep with a bit of a darker, neuro-style bass that weaves in and out with crescendos and troughs in intensity that will leave you dancing like you’ve clearly lost control of your body.

Both track are out now – get them here.