Nick Peters is a very special french producer. He started his musical uprising quite early given he was only 16 years old when he started releasing singles in late 2016. Peters dropped his significant single with Tom Bailey titled “Release Me” which has since garnered more than a whopping 6.5 million streams just on Spotify! Not only that, he has accumulated more than 10 million plays on one platform which is really impressive for such a young artist.

Nick Peters recently started with live performances after turning 18 and now he presents his brand new track “Heartless” to the masses. The song is such an easy listen as it boasts pleasant deep house stabs reinforced by a gorgeous pluck on the drop. Bianca & Rook sound fantastic and they are a great fit for this track. Short and definitely sweet, “‘Heartless” is perfect for the recent change of seasons.

You can find the song on your preferred platform now!