Calvin Harris and Sam Smith‘s new single “Promises” is a knockout. With a music video to match, all about nightlife culture, the art of vogue, and most importantly, individuality.

Now, the artists have revealed an extended documentary to go with the music video. The mini-film explores the lives of the voguers, dancers, drag queens, and others that live outside social norms on the daily. Singer Sam Smith also opens up about his experiences.

For all of these individuals, they have found their inner strength through expression. One of the featured personalities from the film, Jamari Amour reveals, “It’s just like that let go of not having to be somebody that I don’t want to be at that time.”

This documentary is not just about being accepted — it’s about being celebrated. Watch as these artists take us through how they got to where they are today and what it means to be their authentic selves.

Calvin Harris, Sam Smith – Promises Documentary