As we begin to enter the final months of another unforgettable year of dance music, it’s always refreshing to be reminded of the ongoing renaissance of talent hard lined directly from the underground to our speakers. Paralleling the sounds of both the new and old school to intertwine the creative prowess of differing, yet cohesive generations, Thomas GarciaNonfiction, and Roy Wilkins have executed the perfect collaboration.

“Unlock The House” brews the collective sounds of artists from varying sides of the artistic spectrum, executing a vibe that resides somewhere between the realms of tech house and techno. Have a listen.

This monumental production is one of twelve absolutely stunning creations, leaving a hefty portion of electronic preference for dance music fans everywhere. Supported by dance floor legends such as LeftfieldVanilla Ace, and Agoria, this tune is an absolute smasher.

The tune sparks with a hefty progressive beat that teases listeners with a slow introduction- a slow burn of ascending intensity. Before long, that growing ember engulfs the frequency wall with a techy bassline greeted by a barrage of accompanying sounds to blend the perfect vibe of dance music to close the year out. Big tune.

The album is out now, you can purchase it here.