deadmau5 is back in action after a short hiatus and from the sounds of it he’s totally refreshed.

Fans in Berlin were recently treated to an incredible new production from the dance music mastermind. Thanks to a fan on Reddit, we have a clip of the ID he shared with the crowd.

For the first time in over six years, Berlin warmly welcomed the one and only deadmau5 for his long-awaited return at a new venue, Verti Music Hall. He came fully prepared with this unnamed track, and although we’re only hearing a mere portion of the grand arrangement, it’s amazing to hear some fresh music from deadmau5.

As you can see, the crowd was absolutely loving it. To see every single head in the room bouncing in synchrony is a truly beautiful thing.

Watch and experience this new track live for the first time ever.

deadmau5 ID – Berlin 2018

deadmau5 new ID live from Berlin! from EDM