Kayzo and Underoath just put out a song together not too long ago and we absolutely loved it. But we never expected Underoath to pop up again on the dance music radar so soon, let alone from Rezz.

And yet, the young Canadian artist revealed yesterday that’s exactly what’s happening; and better yet, the song is nearly complete. Judging by Underoath’s last collaboration in the dance space, we can assume that their unique brand of emo/screamo vocals will be on full display. However, as Kayzo’s and Rezz’s styles are so vastly different, it’s hard to assume any more than that without running the risk of being woefully wrong.

Having just completed a remix for Porter Robinson’s “Divinity” that she’s starting to show off on the live circuit, it’s safe to say that Rezz isn’t letting even a new album slow down her releases.

Hang out with us to wait and see what this new beast of a tune might sound like.


Photo via Rukes.com