If you’re friends with any producers on Facebook, there’s a good chance you saw at least one of them complaining about SoundCloud this morning. A number of producers, a total we haven’t even begun to calculate yet, have been struck with a bevy of copyright strikes, most of them dubstep producers.

Among those affected were Mastadon, Slimez, Subtronics, Xaebor, Ubur and Wooli. There are likely many more who haven’t yet made the news public or perhaps even more coming. We don’t know.

It seems that the takedowns are a result of a malicious third party who is claiming copyright on songs not belonging to them. There’s currently no way for SoundCloud users to dispute directly with whoever has claimed copyright, so it’s near impossible to accurate track down whoever might be committing this nefarious act. However, evidence points to an account calling itself “DR EGG” which has been leaving strange comments with many of the producers affected by this incident.

While anger and frustration should of course be directed at this unknown perpetrator, a fair amount of producers are also bringing to light SoundCloud’s own ineffective security and clearance process. A statement from SVDDEN DEATH given exclusively to Your EDM reads, “SoundCloud is ruining the dubstep community by allowing anyone to claim a song as their own and remove it from existence. Until they fix their take down policy, I will no longer be uploading songs to this platform.”

A petition has been started on Change.org in an attempt to bring light to SoundCloud’s floundering and often ineffective copyright system. Sign here if you wish to add your voice to the discussion.

A statement from SoundCloud to Your EDM states, “Our takedown notification process is designed to respect copyright, and it is our policy to review all infringement claims per the guidelines outlined in our Help Center.

“Upon review, we have determined these copyright claims are not valid, and are happy to report we’ve reinstated all affected content.”

someone just false copyright striked ALL of my songs that are 100% me and now they are gone on my pro account I’ve spent…

Posted by Svdden Death on Thursday, November 15, 2018

9 of my songs were taken down from SoundCloud overnight for copyright claims. I am at a total loss for words. Years of…

Posted by Slimez on Thursday, November 15, 2018