The new album from HUMANIRL, is out today. The name might sound familiar to fans of Avicii, as we reported back in February that the late Swedish producer co-wrote a song of theirs, “Ghost.” With the release of HUMAN’s new album, fans now have a glimpse at another song Avicii worked on with HUMAN before his passing… sort of.

Both Otto Knows and Avicii worked on the song “Love Letter” for HUMAN before the latter’s death, as evidenced in the Instagram video below.

However, likely because of the uncertain state of the producer’s estate after his death, the song as it appears on the album bears no credits to Avicii (nor Otto) and sounds noticeably different than the demo played in the video above.

It’s a shame we’ll likely never get the original Avicii demo of “Love Letter,” but, ultimately, HUMAN’s debut album is still well worth the listen. It’s firmly in the pop realm but it’s really good pop and significantly electronic-influenced, so EDM listeners shouldn’t feel too alienated listening to it. Check it out here.