It’s been two years since Haywyre last released music, his sophomore Monstercat album, Two Fold Pt. 2. (He’d released a number of albums independently before signing to the label and releasing its first album, Two Fold Pt. 1, in 2014.) Now, at the very end of 2018, he’s back with a new single and even bigger news.

“Tell Me” is the first new song we’re hearing from Haywyre and his expansive 6-part Panorama series of EPs. In an interview with Billboard, he details what it’s all about: “After releasing my last album, Two Fold pt. 2, I began a strange journey that challenged me in many ways. All the obstacles seemed to be forcing learning lessons down my throat. I started considering that some of them may be valuable to others too, or might at least be good reminders. Panorama is my attempt at drawing from the essence of my recent experiences, good and bad, and embodying then in a way that connects with people.”

Panorama will be composed of six smaller components: Discover, Form, Fragment, Control, Resolve and Fulfill. “Tell Me” is the first single from the first smaller EP, Discover. It’s a wildly fun and funky number with all of Haywyre’s typical idiosyncrasies – the jazzy piano, the talkbox, the slight hip hop influence, all of it.

There’s no release date yet for Discover or any of the other pieces, but Haywyre says that there’s already music written for all of them. In the meantime, watch and listen to “Tell Me” below.


Photo via Dani Goldstein, @picsbydani