The Martin Garrix Show, more than any other recurring video series out there right now, has given an unprecedented look into the inner workings of a world top performer. On this season, the show has been focusing a lot on the young DJ’s performance at Amsterdam Dance Event, putting the pieces together and making sure it went off without a hitch.

You really get an idea of the amount of work that goes into something like this right in the first minute of the video, when Gabe Fraboni, his show director, casually states they’ve been working on this show for 8 months.

“No way. That’s nearly since the last one.”
“Yeah, since the last one pretty much.”

The team was adamant about creating a show “concept” that would tell one story from the music, lights, and visuals – not an easy task to design, nor put together. From creating unique live edits to shaking off stress, the video focuses on the Sunday before ADE – getting down to the absolute wire.

We also finally get the story explanation for Garrix’s BYLAW EP! Listen for that at 6:58.

Check it out below!