The 999999999 project started officially in July 2016 and already affected the most important clubs and festivals all around Europe.

They Italian duo aroused much interest even outside the continent becoming one of the most requested live acts of the techno scene.

First three releases on their label “Nine Times Nine” and their appearance on Planet Rhythm special “303” vinyl release were immediately sold out after few hours. Live is what they are whether in or out of the studio, they are spontaneous. Improvisation with hardware is the key element of their performance and is impossible to replicate.

After an impressive Slam Radio mix which clocked over 60,000 plays, the enigmatic duo have landed on Synoid’s Podcast series with a one-hour live mix filled with acid-infused techno.

Synoid is a Berlin-based group that hosts top-tier techno events focusing on top-tier acts.

More info on 999999999 can be found on Facebook, SoundCloud and Resident Advisor. Their releases are available on Bandcamp.

Be sure to make a point of catching this duo this February while on their US debut! There are three gigs planned so far:

February 21st: at F8 in San Francisco for the Asterisk collective
February 22nd: at the Obscure Warehouse in Chicago for Synthetik Minds & Format Recordings
February 23rd: at the WORK Warehouse in Los Angeles for WORK by 6AM and Synthetik Minds