Marius is a very experienced producer to say the least. Based off of his brilliant past, gathering millions of streams online with his single releases, Marius returns to the dance floor with his highly anticipated Estranged EP, which boasts seven tracks in the experimental hemisphere.

Warm, melodic, and peaceful vibes take the wheel in these songs that Marius seems to have a knack for creating. Working in a niche, Marius still makes sure to think outside the box. With personal favorite tracks of mine on the EP being “Blub” and “Vakkert,” you can tell with these type of songs this artist is intimate and creatively innovative with his production.

“Blub” is a tickling, less than creepy sort of song that seems to be more of a curveball on the EP, but I really enjoy the samples and loops. “Vakkert” is a bit more cinematic and downtempo. Pumping synths and bass melody leave the listener fulfilled. These are definitely two tracks that add a lot of value to the EP!

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