It’s not unusual for artists to switch gears at some point in their careers, or even just explore new paths. Parish f/t is former Cage the Elephant guitarist and now-producer Lincoln Parish’s solo project. Like so many projects that end up showing promise, Parish f/t was an accident – a musical lab experiment that worked. The project capitalizes on unintended results to great effect, bringing together a roster of featured vocalists where the sum is always greater than the parts.

Out today is Parish’s new track with Kevin Kelly, “Control.” It’s a slow burning ballad with minimal production and a heavy-handed vocal performance from Kelly.

Says Parish of the track, “‘Control’ came together rather quickly. We really tried to not second guess ourselves lyrically and make it feel more like a conversation with yourself. I think we all have crazy thoughts sometimes, and it’s about how you deal with those and keep yourself in check.”

Check out “Control” below and get it here.