Perhaps the most uplifting Martin Garrix track to date, “Dreamer” featuring Mike Young, has inspired a few brand new remixes out today. Nicky Romero, SLVR, and EAUXMAR deliver three entirely different takes on the production.

Nicky Romero goes full festival anthem with “Dreamer,” with epic builds and releases fit for the main stage. SLVR switches gears drastically, with a future house ready groove. The most unexpected remix comes from EAUXMAR, who focuses on the soul of the track with lush instrumental breakdowns.

The original from Martin Garrix may just be one of the most important of his entire career. It’s all about believing in your dreams and resisting the urge to give up. Now, with these three new remixes, there are three new ways to hold on to that dream.

Listen here and keep on believing!

Martin Garrix & Mike Yung – Dreamer (Remixes Vol. 1)