Yultron is probably the most-slept-on artist in hardcore right now, but with any luck and some significant work from the man himself, that’s all likely to change in 2019. Heading into the end of the year, Yultron has one last banger to unleash on fans called “Slave To The Rave.”

After his last track “Imma Be A Raver,” “Slave To The Rave” should feel familiar to fans. The concept is fairly similar, but the beat is fresh and exciting. With a new vocal sample to rally behind and a lead synth that is terribly infectious, “Slave To The Rave” is a hit in the making. It’s easy to picture how hard this track would go off on the crowd at a show with the pulsing lights and rhythm… can you see it?

Listen to “Slave To The Rave” from Yultron below!