Ableton is one of music’s biggest marvels, and most popular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), letting producers create songs at a relatively low cost. Unfortunately, the cost of extra synths and sample packs can add up quickly. Thankfully, Ableton themselves have a gift for the holidays: a free vintage synth pack.

All Ableton Live 10 users can download the free synth pack here. Ableton sound designer Huston Singletary created the pack, titled SINGULARITIES. The pack is designed to emulate the sounds from classic synthesizers like the Minimoog. The pack includes single-sample, synth instruments ready to be included in any production. The pack also includes MIDI clips and two drum kits, both of which also hearken back to the classic sounds of older analog gear.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer on a budget or someone looking to try Ableton, this free pack seems perfect. Perhaps we’ll hear more of those classic sounds in future productions thanks to this pack. Thank you for the holiday spirit and gift, Ableton!