ZABO just put an absolutely insane spin on Rezz and Blanke‘s new collaboration “Mixed Signals” — and you need to hear it now!

It was only a matter of time before Rezz teamed up with Blanke. Their song together provided us with some instant gratification, for sure. The original embraces a throwback electro sound, mixed with the eerie melodies accustomed with Rezz and the heavy-hitting sounds of Blanke. It’s an all-around win.

Enter ZABO and — dare we say, he just made the song even better. Using time and space to his advantage, the rising producer tampers with “Mixed Signals” for an exciting result. Deep growls and electro flair meets stutters and punchy bass for this new flip, available for free download.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Rezz or Blanke dropped this madness during one of their sets. Just listen.

Rezz x Blanke – Mixed Signals (ZABO Flip)

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