Hardwell’s “Spaceman” has lived a long enough life to be considered a dance music classic by now. It was originally released in 2012, and after that famous Carnage festival trap remix in 2013, the song was cemented in legend. Now in 2019, things have changed a lot, and maybe it’s time for an update — in enters EFFIN and PIERCE.

While I would have preferred for this remix to keep a bit more of the original melody in the drop, I also understand why they didn’t. The melody in the builds is just enough to let you know what the remix is, while also not relying too heavily on past nostalgia.

Hardcore fans of the original might not find much to enjoy in this updated version, but for those looking for a little bit of past and a whole lot of present, this definitely does the trick.

Check out the “Spaceman” remix from EFFIN and PIERCE below.