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Slushii recently returned to his high school — Lenape High School in New Jersey — to perform for a new wave of students. Judging by the video footage, it was pretty lit. Well, as lit as a high school can be.

In the clip below, students can be seen bouncing around, having the time of their lives as Slushii fills the gymnasium with tunes. It was the ultimate pep rally!

In his high school days, Julian Scanlan was known as DJ Swoon. He could be found tearing up student talent shows and throwing down at every opportunity. Flash forward to now and he’s Slushii, one of the most recognizable DJs in the world.

“Got to play a show at my old high school today,” Slushii opens up in a post. “Met so many amazing people with such bright futures. Anything is possible.” Don’t forget it.

Slushii Visits High School


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