I say the name Rickyxsan and you think dirty trap. That’s not really even a suggestion or a question, it’s just a statement of fact. But, like many other artists, the music someone releases under a particular alias might only be the music meant for that alias. In other words, there’s more to an artist than the music that you find on Spotify.

Rickyxsan shows off another side of himself on “LOVED FOREVER,” the new tender single out today for Valentine’s. Characterized by minimal production, a slow, sultry vocal, and a sexy guitar riff, this is not a club song by any means. Teaming up with Danny Maurice gives it that extra bit of love energy — interpret this as a slow strip tease or a warm cuddle next to a softly burning fireplace, and you’re on your way.

Check out “LOVED FOREVER” below for a side of Rickyxsan you never knew existed.