New UK producer Flowen has made waves (pardon the pun) with his first two singles “In This Together” and “Closure” that came out last year, as his style is both in the EDM world and decidedly not of it. This is true for his next single “Voyage”, due out this Friday, February 22.

“Voyage” is experimental in the sense that it’s composed somewhat like a classical song, with lots of complex melodies and varying sounds. It may even be classically scored. The beat for this track, however, is much more like an EDM or hip hop or halftime song, clocking in at around 90 BPM. It sounds quite a bit faster, however, because the beat is also heavily syncopated and sort of jazzy. There is a drop after the intro like an EDM track, but it;s subtle and flows more with the beat. Said beat switches up and starts to move backwards about halfway through the song but then switches back pretty quickly. It could be seen as a break in EDM terms but like all Flowen’s tracks, there is a continuous flow to “Voyage” that also makes it a viable experimental electronic track.

While “Voyage” seems quite unconventional, it’s easy to picture it being mixed with EDM tracks in a set as a bit of an interlude that would still have a danceable beat structure. Marrying the two worlds of EDM and experimental electronica is not always easy, but Flowen seems to have as good a shot at it as anyone with his diverse production style and liquid yet edgy ambient melodies.

“Voyage” by Flowen releases on February 22 on Fat Tape Records. It can be purchased then on Beatport or streamed on Flowen’s Spotify.