Your EDM introduced J’Moris to the EDM world in June of last year via the video for his smooth trap single “Dope Life,” and he’s been creating chill trap beats ever since. His fourth EP just dropped on Valentine’s Day and is called RNB (suffice it to say the title doesn’t stand for what you’re thinking).

J’Moris is by no means festival trap and RNB once again leans towards the original southern trap as a permutation of hip hop but some of the beats are just as interesting and complex, especially in tracks like “Lights Down”. J’Moris’s vocal quality and lyrical prowess is also easily one of the most interesting in hip hop right now.

While he makes no apologies for his explicit and graphic lyrics (he actually explains this in the track “Do My Thang” on this EP), he also is a champion of showing that trap beats in hip hop do not necessitate mumble rap. His diction and articulation are crystal clear while he still has a masterful way of winding his lyrics around the beat. Chill vibes all around both beats and vocals with well thought-out rhymes and diction? It’s really the best of both worlds.

J’Moris’s work is mixable with EDM but with a stand-alone EP as well-done as RNB, that’s not really the point. This EP’s smooth lines and well-planned rhymes are great for hip hop fans, EDM fans or those somewhere in between.

RNB by J’Moris is out now and available to stream on the artist’s Spotify. Be sure to check out his other work there as well.