In November last year, Your EDM previewed the first single and video for Post Death Soundtrack’s politically charged track “Chosen Sons” in anticipation of their fourth album, It Will Come Out of Nowehere. The album finally released last week on February 15, almost three years after their last full-length release, The Unlearning Curve. Now that it’s out, we can categorically say it was a good thing that Post Death took that long to write and release it. The duo consisting of former The Unravelling frontman Steve Moore and producer Jon Ireson have used their time well to gather new ideas, sounds and production techniques.

Normally in the wheelhouse of doomcore meets industrial, Moore and Ireson took cues from unexpected sources to create It Will Come Out of Nowhere. Moore has been a big fan of hip hop and trap while both members of Post Death took influence from the likes of David Bowie’s last album Blackstar. Put all that together with unique, dark wave-and-rock-infused sound design and Moore’s rage-filled, politically-charged vocals and amazingly complex and emotive tracks like  “Chosen Sons” are born, but the scathing lyrics and evil synths of this track are far from all Moore and Ireson have to say.

While not your typical EDM album, It Will Come Out of Nowehere is largely electronic in production and vibe. With the release of the album, the duo have put out another lyric video on YouTube for the track “Fallout” and it’s definitely more electronica-tinged than “Chosen Sons.” Utilizing vocoder on Moore’s vox and a surprisingly ravey breakbeat after the first drop, “Fallout” also had elements of ambient electronica, experimental and, of course, industrial effects to give this emotional song an almost NIN vibe, though this is much cleaner and more interesting.

The rest of the album is also varied and covers lots of styles, from the snare-heavy “Crumbs” to the fun, synthy “Dark Matter,” which combines trap, 80s synths and even jazz, to the industrial/progressive metal album closer “Bridge Burner,” there’s a lot to unpack on this album and a lot of different styles for different tastes.

It Will Come Out of Nowhere is an epic album born from what seems to have been an epic musical and personal journey for Steve Moore and Jon Ireson. From the risks they took in production to all the styles they’ve incorporated to the piercing, emotive lyrics, this is an album that is definitely worth a listen, even for electronic music fans who are more prone to dance music.

It Will Come Out of Nowhere is out now and is available to stream on Spotify or Bandcamp, where it can also be purchased for download or as a limited edition double LP. Keep an eye on the Post Death Soundtrack’s YouTube channel for more videos.