Starting their 2019 with a sweet new release is the Swedish group Fox Blanco. The three-piece made their debut a year or so ago with ‘Change The World,’ which was a runaway success. Now with millions of streams under their belt, Fox Blanco offer up ‘VR.’

They are able to bring in some awesome songwriting to their work, and this time take more of an electronic route. Clean rhythms bring out a natural groove, and ripples of vocals provide a pop hook. They say: “VR’ is about meaningful online relationships and the urge to escape our sometimes challenging world. When responsibilities and real life are calling, you sometimes react by diving straight into a more attractive, virtual world where the weather is good and you have a ton of friends. It feels so real and good, at least for a while. It’s something many young people probably have experienced today in the online world.”

Check it out below.