There’s a new DJ in town going by the name Pickle

Days ago the mysterious project popped up, dropping a song called “I Wanna DJ Like.” The upload tagged the names of famous DJs including The Chainsmokers, deadmau5, Tiesto, Diplo, Calvin Harris and more, even including them in the lyrics. An obvious attempt to draw attention to the new SoundCloud account — and it worked.

Just a couple of tracks in and Pickle is already attracting some solid plays. This next one, released on Spinnin’ Records, also rides the popularity of the tech house rave in a far less cheesy manner. It’s well done, infectious even, all while tapping into the affection our scene holds for Pickle Rick through its imagery.

But, who is this new Pickle on the block? There’s no telling who’s behind the project just yet — we’ll have to wait and see. Listen here and try to guess!

Pickle – Body Work