It’s easy to say that pretty much any Skrillex track has its place in the annals of history, but few match the widespread might of his Damian Marley collaboration, “Make It Bun Dem.”

Back in 2012, Skrillex was literally on top of the world. OWSLA was popping off and Skrillex was omnipresent. “Make It Bun Dem,” when it was released seven years ago today, followed the already wildly successful Bangarang, Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites, and My Name Is Skrillex EPs, and only served to further catapult the burgeoning DJ’s illustrious career.

When it was included in the game Far Cry 3, that only made it more popular, and also exposed Skrillex to a whole new fanbase in the process.

Where his tracks up until this point had been a mixture of brostep or electro house, this was the first time he had incorporated a bouncier, more moombah-like rhythm into his productions. Clearly, it had the intended effect and the song is now a veritable classic in his discography.

Listen again below!


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