It’s been a few days now since Diplo’s groundbreaking set at Stagecoach Music Festival. Throughout the hour-long set, Diplo wove through EDM and classic country hits like nobody’s business, creating a literal one-of-a-kind set that likely no one else could have come up with.

For example, mixing “Shakedown” from Uberjak’d & New World Sound into “Cotton Eyed Joe” — no one else would have the stones to do that. And then he followed it up with the absolute classic “Boot Scootin’ Boogy.” What a legend.

Diplo wasn’t on stage by himself, though. During his set, he was joined by Cam, Sam Hunt, and last but certainly not least, Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus.

This is easily one of the most interesting sets I’ve ever heard, and I’m confident you’ll say the same. Listen below and see the tracklist here. And check out Diplo’s new track with Cam here, as well as his remix of “Old Town Road” here.