Jai Wolf has always been one of the most socially conscious and activist figures in dance music, though it’s been a while since he’s taken up a cause. He’s been busy at work on his debut album, which dropped in April, and is now following it up with a nationwide tour.

But, this business with Marshmello and Chris Brown has caught his attention, especially after Mello lamented on Twitter: “You can never make everyone happy.” It’s a true statement if there ever was one, but you can certainly avoid doing demonstrably bad things.

To that tweet, Jai Wolf replied: “u could start by standing up against the death threats @laurenevemay from chvrches is getting […] not to sound like a white knight or anything but holy shit it’s so sad to see my favorite band have to increase security because of this chr*s br*wn nonsense.”

In the days following the band’s condemnation of the song, Mayberry began receiving numerous death threats against her, as well as threats of rape. She has since disabled comments on her Instagram because the threats were becoming so ubiquitous.

Marshmello has yet to directly comment on the situation or any of the backlash against him for collaborating with either Chris Brown or Tyga.