KSHMR is back with an energetic and enchanting new single, “Devil Inside Me.” Following his recent sold out KSHMR Live show in New York, the venerable producer has joined forces with Revealed Recordings stalwart KAAZE and vocalist Karra for an infectious progressive house banger. Incorporating operatic elements with KSHMR’s trademark style, this song showcases some top notch production and Karra’s superb vocals truly soar throughout the track. The drop is absolutely massive and this track is sure to find its way straight into both KSHMR’s and KAAZE’s live sets.

The track opens up like a theatrical number based around some piano chords and Karra just impeccably hitting some really high notes throughout her verse. The piano notes get higher and more urgent toward the end of the verse until we quickly get the drop. It is an absolutely perfect blend of the producers two styles, with those melodic KSHMR horns and KAAZE’s theatrical progressive house sensibilities. The second verse doubles down on the more theatrical production elements of the song, but maintaining the tempo of the drop. It’s reminiscent of the opening track to a James Bond film. After the second verse, there’s a bridge where we get a chant, that will again, be perfect for the live set.

Check out the awesome video for KSHMR & KAAZE “Devil Inside Me” featuring Karra out now on Dharma Worldwide.


Photo via Rukes.com