What So Not has been laying relatively low, so we’re beyond stoked to hear a new original collaboration from him and rising producer Diablo. The two have teamed up for “OOGAHDAM” — a drum and bass anthem built to entice that very same reaction.

The rhythm is hot and vibe is energetic, with an unforgettable lead synth that sticks in your head long after “OOGAHDAM” has stopped. The track, playful in nature, shows off What So Not’s distinct sound — and with some help from Diablo, thy really make this one count.

Low key, this track is a weapon for What So Not, his collaborator, and others to drop into sets. It’s sure to get a rise out of any audience it comes across and blast any speaker it touches.

Listen to What So Not and Diablo’s “OOGAHDAM” here and allow the song to become your latest obsession. We certainly can’t get enough!

What So Not & Diablo – OOGAHDAM


Photo via Rukes.com