Madeon just unleashed his second single as the Good Faith era continues…

Such a special release was in need of a special premiere, which is why Madeon debuted his new track “Dream Dream Dream” for the first time on Beats 1 Radio. With this, Madeon also just launched his own radio show — Good Faith Radio, which will allow him to showcase his favorite music.

Fans are beyond excited about the magical, uplifting new single and Madeon is, too. In fact, he lost sleep last night due to all the excitement. Who could blame him…

As for the radio show, Madeon says, “I’m pretty thrilled about it!”

When speaking about the new single, Madeon says, “‘Dream Dream Dream’ is the very first song that opens my upcoming album, and I’m really proud of that song. I really was really happy when I made it because I felt like it captured what I was trying to achieve aesthetically with good faith and what I was trying to communicate in terms of lyrical content and just meaning and purpose, I guess, so I felt like I finally found the vibe, I guess. hope you like it too. I’m really excited for people to finally hear it because I made it quite a while ago. I’ve been just holding onto it, waiting for the right time, and the right time is right this second, right now on Beats 1.”

Check out “Dream Dream Dream” below and stay tuned for more from Madeon coming soon.

Madeon – “Dream Dream Dream”


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