It’s been a long time since Paul van Dyk’s near-death stage fall at ASOT 750 in 2016. In the fall, he suffered a brain injury and damage to his spine which were eventually rectified through surgery and physical therapy. In arbitration with concert promoter Alda Events, van Dyk was awarded $12.5 million.

The breakdown included $2 million for future medical expenses, $1.2 million for lost profits over the past two years, and $2.475 million for prospected future loses over the next 10 years. Then, extra damages to cover the rest.

Now, Alda is appealing the decision and claiming that van Dyk had no right to arbitration. According to court documents, they argue that, “Under the particular circumstances of this case, Petitioner Matthias Paul was not a signatory to the contract and did not have standing to issue a claim, to participate in the arbitration, or to be the exclusive beneficiary of the monetary damages granted by the arbitration award.”

Essentially, someone Alda Events calls an unknown authority signed the documents on behalf of van Dyk, and therefore the event believes that he is unable to claim relief based on those documents.

A ruling has not been made yet in Alda’s appeal. You can read the full court documents here.


Photo by Christoph Köstlin