mau5trap just dropped it’s latest installment, We Are Friends, Vol. 9 — and it’s as stacked as ever.

deadmau5 starts off the compilation properly with a brand new production, “ASEED.” He eases in with soft piano notes, but the melancholy doesn’t last for long. The track soon explodes into a funky analog adventure, setting the pace for the bursts of creativity yet to come.


Running 23 songs deep and nearly two hours long, We Are Friends provides an immersive experience from established artists and up-and-comers alike. Bentley DeanC.H.A.Y & Monstergetdown, Mr. BillHVDES, Corvad, Keetz and so many more are featured, offering a vast soundscape, some on the melodic side and some more heavy-hitting. This may be one of the strongest We Are Friends releases to date, as the compilation oozes with talent, and definitely one of the most cohesive.

Past We Are Friends compilations graduated a handful of mau5trap’s most successful acts to date, like REZZ, i_oNoMana, ATTLAS, and more. These are the sounds of the future.

Listen here and let us know your favorites!

We Are Friends, Vol. 9


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